Reclaimed wood flooring products have the exceptional ability to fit into any style of project. By nature, reclaimed wood floors tend to look “as they should” when it shows the character of use. Naturally aged materials have a distinct look incomparable to that of new flooring products. The change in the chemistry of the wood over time enhances the character of the grain providing deeper and richer tones. These tones, even if sometimes subtle, relate to the occupants in a way that tells them the floor is authentic, hardy and rich in history. Examples of use range from modern to rustic. A clean faced, straight edge Beech floor devoid of nail holes fits into a modern project well, while a natural patina oak floor flush with historic defect is an example of a rustic application.

Our material selection rotates frequently, however a cross section of available flooring products include:
Red Oak, White Oak, Hickory, Heart Pine, Chestnut, Beech, Maple, End Grain.