Project Description

Our Eastern White Oak flooring is milled from old Hand Hewn timbers, barn boards, or circle sawn timbers. We create each floor we make custom to what you, the customer, wants. However, the incredible process we use to make these floors is relatively the same. Starting with selecting the timbers or boards we will use to mill your floor we then de-metal, saw the boards into blanks, kiln dry, edge, end trim, face plain, back relieve and either T&G or straight line your floor. We do this all on site! We also invite the customer to be a part of all of these processes, ensuring no surprises and culminating in your ideal dream floor.

Source: East Coast barns, cabins and buildings

Species: Eastern White Oak

Character: Occasional nail and fastener holes, light surface checking and some sound tight knots.

Raw Stock

Custom Finish

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