Pacific Yew Wood

The  Yew Wood Story

As the name suggests, Pacific yew wood is a native of the Pacific Northwest.  Mostly found along the central cascades and coastal range, the Pacific yew spans from Alaska to central California.  Prized for its fine texture and tight grain, this beautiful wood can be used in multiple applications.  Some of these applications include: bar tops, kitchen cabinets, interior trim and even full on siding projects.

In the late 1960’s scientists discovered a chemical compound, paclitaxel, within the bark of the yew.  Today, a more common name of the compound, Taxol, can be used to treat breast and ovarian cancers by hindering mitosis in the tumors.  We salvage the logs that have had the bark removed so as they do not go to waste.  Sizes range from 4/4” x 6” to 4/4” x 16” with lengths available up to 12 feet.