Hand Hewn

One-of-a-kind Hand Hewn Lumber – Floors, Siding & Custom Projects

As the name implies, Hand Hewn Timbers were milled using hand saws and adz broad axe tools. Mortise and tenon joinery was originally used to erect these structures in the 1800’s. One of the signature features of these beams apart from the hewing marks is the relics of the joinery with the original mortise pockets, tenons and wood pegs apparent. Hand Hewn beams are often used for timber frame construction and Hewn Siding. There is a wide variety of species available; however it is common for the patina to take precedence over the species since it is the color and character that make these beams special. Sizes range from 6” x  6”  up to 12” x  14” with lengths available up to 40 feet.