Antique Reclaimed Wood

The true beauty of reclaimed wood building materials is their ability to bring history to a project.  These re-purposed, antique materials are salvaged from some incredibly unique structures.  While it is the intent of the pictures on this site to provide you with examples of how these materials can be utilized, your imagination and vision combined with our material discoveries create an opportunity of limitless possibilities.

The recent trend to use reclaimed materials has for the most part been geared toward “high end” construction projects. It is our goal to provide materials that meet or exceed the quality expectations of projects under the highest level of architectural scrutiny, but doing so at the most economical level making them a prudent option for projects with various budget levels. We pride ourselves on being able to control costs.  This is primarily due to our high level of involvement in the recycling process, starting with the salvage stage and continuing through the sorting, custom milling and final transformation into a unique building product.